Can telling your story be a way to change the world?

SocialChange101 runs youth workshops that empower young people to tell their stories of social change.
In our workshops, young people produce videos about themselves, their communities, and a local community organization. By telling the story of that organization, our workshop participants…
  • explore the relationship between social change, storytelling, and media
  • deepen knowledge of contemporary social issues and the history of those issues
  • improve their ability to assess information in a media-saturated world
  • hone collaborative strategies for making art in support of social change
  • develop an intimate relationship with a community organization
  • cultivate a positive self-image as an agent of social change

By Students for Students

Workshop participants use our online course as a text, while connecting the history of Carnegie, Gandhi, Einstein, Parks, and Carson to their own lives. Their videos are posted on the website, creating learning materials for future students. Workshop participants contribute to an educational process designed for students by students.

Pass It On

Workshop videos offer vivid testimony to the power of the featured organization. Our participants become agents of positive change in their communities by making media to promote other positive change-makers.
You can explore our workshop with the Arts Greenhouse to see what SC101 workshop participants are creating. Or checkout a sample workshop curriculum.
Interested in hosting a workshop series at your organization or school? Contact us!

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